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live party

Choir recording

Choir recordingYou want to enrich your internet presence ?
You want to produce a nice christmas CD ?
Or you want to produce a commercial CD for sale with GEMA protected material ?

Please call us or just write us an e-mail. Free dates and weekends are under booking . Please check dates and reserve directly your recording event. You can calculate costs with our current pricelist (Variant III).

To anticipate the total effort please calculate with 1-2 days for recording, mixdown and mastering.Preis

or use the weekend special offer :

What is in that weekend package ?

You arrive together on Saturday morning and we meet at 10am in the studio for the setup and sound check. Please, bring your pianist or your accompanying musicians or recordings along.
After the setup you have enough time for a lunchbreak, or to check in at the hotel. In the meanwhile we prepare the necessary things for the recording session.
After that step, we begin around 1pm with the recording. Depending on the number of compositions, duration and number of takes this will keep us busy to the late afternoon. Together with your choirmaster we discuss the production and further actions. You are already relaxing and enjoying your common evening in the hotel restaurant (a good recommendation) or in the closer area around.

The next morning you start your walking or hinking tour directly from the hotel or the recording studio. You use the S-Bahn to start your tour with direction to Pfälzerwald or without hiking into a nice afternoon directly at a wine festival.
We care about the mixing and mastering and when you return to the studio on the late afternoon, you will get the CD and a pleasant surprise ! a memorable weekend!

Choir recording 2We would be delighted to offer you a special price for cover designs, CD productions (duplication), GEMA handling, etc.. We also have good prices for low volume duplications.

kill 2 birds with one stoneZwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe

sing and walk

wouldn't it be nice to produce a professionel recording of your choir on saturday, walk or hike through the nice Pfälzer Wald on sunday and return on sunday evening with a professional CD in your hands?

Please use our special offer "sing and walk"
A nice and inexpensive hotel is very close (5 minutes to walk)

Wanderer im Pfälzerwald

Pfälzerwald - hiking paradise

The palatinate forest offers great hiking trails with plenty of mountain cabins with service for short breaks or extensive rest.Original Pfälzer Schorleglas

btw. we drink Riesling wine mixed with sparkling water in big 0,5l glasses ....

you don't like hiking, take the shortcut and have a nice day at a wine-festival.