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Live athmosphere and studio sound
You are your superstar
Choir recording
Orchestra recording
Voice-over, Synchronisation

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live party

Your DEMO CD production fixed price

1500 Euro abzüglich Ihrer Einnahmen

You plan a live gig in our recording studio and you invite up to 100 fans and friends

By selling beverages etc. as well as on optional ticket sale
you can reduce your expenses or even make a profit!

Sie spielen und singen LIVE und wir sorgen für einen amtlichen Livesound sowie einen guten LivemitschnittWe provide a decent live sound (PA exists) and simultaneously we care for a solid studio recording. (24 tracks digital multi-track recording). Sound check for live and studio recording is always on the performance (gig) day 9 o'clock in the morning. Your live event starts at 8pm. we also have a DMX lighting system for the right ambience! Then you select up to 10 titles (max. 60 minutes) and you get a test CD to listen carefully and verify your 10 titles. Afterwards we arrange another studio day (8 hours) for mix down the audio material and for possible overdubs in a small extent. Of course we make compromises with the live Diese Band hat das schon gemachtrecording in comparison to a pure (clean) studio recording, as for example microphone crosstalk (instrument do also "speak" into vocal microphones), but the profit is incomparably high, because the enthusiasm of the live atmosphere will determine the quality of your CD! .... because what is the aim of an event organizer … what does he/she want to hear and see? a perfect produced studio CD of cover songs, or your real live performance?

What's in the package?

We would love to make any further processing of your video files like DVD or YouTube video production, as well as arranging additional studio days for mixing and mastering to increase quality. These activities are of cause not included in the package price. Please consult our price-list on for additional processing.
Please ask us for a personal offer for CD production (even low volumes from 100 copies), as well as cover creation etc.

PDF for download

please download all details in pdf format

Live im Studio

CD production at no charge or with profit ?

possible earnings during CD production by ticket sales, selling of beverages and food etc. Just organize a party - and your production is in the can.