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Orchestra recording

Regardless whether you like to come with your orchestra to us into the studio, or if you prefers to record your concert live, you will have the right partner with us.

Orchester bei einem Konzert

There is a true statement about LIVE recording : "do more with less". Classical orchestras (Viennese classical period) were there already 100 years before the first microphone was invented. The positioning of the musicians in the orchestra and the populations of the different instruments matured over many decades, to present listeners a balanced "Sound".

Theoretically and often also actually it turns out, that you get the best result with a pure stereo recording. Unnecessary additional microphones are often counter productive. In practice however it shows, that nevertheless in certain situations (soloist, understaffed voices etc.) so-called supporting microphones are useful. The existing audience in concerts is really a source of noise and removal of all these coughs etc. can very fast lead to an endless project.

In a studio recording the basic conditions are much better. Not just the acoustics and the "missing" audience as a noise source, but also to have the otion to repeat single sections or the entire composition are important criterias in a orchetra production.

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Stereo microphone technology for classical orchestra recordings

"The audio listener should believe he is really right in the middle of that concert.."
Even though this sounds so simple, it is still not possible to do that and if you just look what a large number of different microphone technics are available, it clearly shows that we all are still searching for the optimal procedure. The head simulator technology promised to achieve this "live-feeling", but is unfortunately nothing you can enjoy over loudspeakers.

We have many tested many stereo microphone technics (XY, MS, AB, ORTF, DIN etc.) and have very good results with ORTF, which we use in most cases.