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voice recording

For any kind of voice recording such as localization services and voice-over for computer games, power point presentations, educational videos or synchronisation of movies, etc. an speech recordingexperienced recording team is available. Please select the best voices for your special requirements out of a large variety of professional speakers at every age.



Just send us your script, splease send us your script and we send you and offeran we calculate the effort and provide an attractive offer. Our speakers partly come from the region and they speak native German (high german), palatinate dialect and partly also many other dialects such as Bavarian and Saxonian etc.

You would like to give your company's hotline a professional sound ?
We produce the audio files for your phone and dialog systems and your waiting loops, with or without copyright-free (GEMA etc.) music, exactly based on your needs. Use your customers waiting periods for providing informations and for advertisement.

Also for ambitious learning videos with Screenrecording of Powerpoint files including voice-over we have the right solution.



nix Wissen macht wasknowledge matters



stands for the addition of voice to material, which has no original soundtrack. For example narrators for educational videos or computer games where the "virtual" heros learn to speak


is the addition of a new voice to material which actually has original soundtrack, like movies which have to be snchronized into other languages