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Rental Variants

Variant I

Here you only rent the largest room (studio B) plus the gallery, which is attainable from the studio B by stairs. The two toilets as well as the Pantry kitchen are attached as well. All other areas such as performance cabs, control room etc. are not accessible.

In the kitchen are a refrigerator and a large rinse, as well as a suitable storage space. Kitchen equipment, cutlery, plates etc. can be provided if necessary. The studio B has a main entrance and 2 emergency exits. The 230V power supply is available everywhere.

On the gallery and in the studio B is a 32A power supply. The existing lighting system can be used if desired.

Variant II

Everything from variant I, plus the conneted control room. The control room is furnished and rented including to bluesky monitoring system and a Mackie BigKnob. Additionally also 2 smaller performance rooms are accesible.

All areas are connected with sufficiently XLR infrastructure, which is centrally connected to the control room. In the basic setup no mixer and no PC hard and software (DAW) as well as no microphones etc. are included. This is of cause optional available and can be rented if needed.

Variant III

Here you don't rent a room, but book a regular studio operation, with audio engineer and all available rooms and equipment. Please request your instruments upfront.

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