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Das Studio B bietet mehr als 100 Quadratmeter Aufnahmeraum

times are changing ... especially in recordingstudios
The digital technology has dramatically changed recording components, work-flows and the daily life even in the professional audio world. Devices, like external mixing consoles, synthesizer, dynamicprocessors and much more are pushed out of the racks and moved into the DAW (digital audio workstation). One of today's challenge in a recordingstudio is to bring the audio signals to harddisk with highest possible quality, in order to create with an audio program the appropriate final product. Microphones and good instruments are still very important. Beyond that the acoustic characteristics of the studio rooms are crucial for the quality of the recording.

a journey into acoustics ...

Just rent what you need...
Today many musicians do not just have good abilities on their instrument, but also a lot of experience with audio recording software. Why should they go into a recording studio? Perhaps they don't have a 100 square meter living room with optimal acoustic characteristics, or several acoustically decoupled recording cabs? OK, but why should they pay an audio engineer, if they can do that just as well?

They don't have to.... Just rent the studio rooms with XLR infrastructure, with or without control room, with digital mixer, DAWs or microphones or just what is missing to produce a great result. Rent hours, days or weeks with or without audio engineer. So you rent what you need and you pay what you rent. pricelist

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Studio B


67117 Limburgerhof
Mutterstadter Weg 12

(in the area of Ludwigshafen / Mannheim )


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